Term 1 2023

Painting Mentorship program

In person

Thursday 23rd February and Thursday 23rd March

10 am to 2 pm

This class is for people who are already relatively proficient oil painters and who would like to expand their practice by focusing on developing a unified body of work.

Each person will self direct in terms of subject and will be guided by me in concept development, the technical skills needed to execute the work and any associated research. 

The aim is to take your existing skills and work out a clear direction for how to apply them in your own work. We will still deal with technical matters, but specifically geared towards developing your own personal practice including methods for interpreting your influences (rather than just copying them) and developing a methodology that helps you to achieve your aims in a painting. 

Painting mentorship program Term 1 2023

Drawing and painting the portrait

In person and online

3rd February to 31st March 2023 (no class on 10th February)


8 week term. Fee includes a live model for five sessions.

Morning session 9.30 – 1.00

Afternoon session 1.30 – 5.00

This class focuses on the structure and rendering of the human head. Beginning with drawn studies we will progress to working in oils from a live model. 

Week 1 online

Proportions and planes of the face. Typical patterns of light and shade.

Week 2 online

Structure of the eye, nose, mouth and ear

Week 3 and 4 in person

Portrait drawing from a live model, techniques for getting a likeness, blocking forms, managing light and shade on the face

Week 5 online

Flesh tones, turning form, cool halftones 

Week 6 in person

Alla prima study from life

Week 7 and 8 in person

Portrait painting in two stages – monochrome underpainting and finishing layer.

Drawing and painting the portrait – morning session
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Drawing and painting the portrait – afternoon session